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Created July 20, 2012 18:46
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Lazy Levenshtein
# test by running:
# ruby lazy.rb
# use control+c to exit
require 'amatch'
include Amatch
def lazy input, matches, abbreviations=true
# setup the Levenshtein comparator
distances = {}
m =
matches.reverse.each do |match|
# get the edit distance
tests = []
tests << m.match(match)
tests << m.match(match[0..3]) if abbreviations
# lowest score gets placed
distances[tests.min] = match
# return input, returns original if matches is empty
input = distances.empty? ? input : distances.min.last
environments = %w(development integration staging production)
while true
puts "\nenvironments #{environments.join(', ')}"
print "choose environment: "
input = gets.chomp
puts "match: #{lazy(input, environments)}"
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