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Git and GitHub Anti-patterns

Git and GitHub Anti-Patterns

An idea prompted by Jeremy Deane via a Tweet


  • Lack of precision
  • No care about atomicity
  • Poor commit messages



  • Rebased away contributor history (see Government repo where Ben Balter chastises the owner)
  • Incompetently changing history, causing more conflicts
  • No sense of crafting a "story"


  • Committing once per day or only a few times per week
  • Pushing infrequently and getting massive conflicts that are frustrating to resolve
  • Pushing many laptop-sequestered changes right before integration time
  • Pushing before flight takeoff


  • Too many commits to isolate the change
  • Commits to master instead of feature branches
  • Manual setup of branch builds required


  • Delivered broken build to production
  • No percentage delivery (canary) causing distant rollbacks
  • Multiple branch delivery ruins isolation of problem branch and partial branch delivery


  • Roll forward
  • Roll backwards
  • Soft reset


  • Size of files
  • Binaries
  • Assets
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