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understanding generators
* Excerpt from: Analysis of generators and other async patterns in node
* URL:
* When next is invoked, it starts the execution
* of the generator. The generator runs until it
* encounters a yield expression. Then it pauses
* and the execution goes back to the code that
* called next.
* So in a way, yield works similarly to return.
* But there is a big difference. If we call next
* on the generator again, the generator will
* resume from the point where it left off -
* from the last yield line.
function *something(msg) {
msg += yield msg; // yields "a", returns "b"
msg += yield msg; // yields "ab", returns "c"
msg += yield msg; // yields "abc", returns "d"
return msg; // returns "abcd"
var gen = something('a');
console.log(; // a
console.log('b').value); // ab
console.log('c').value); // abc
console.log('d').value); // abcd
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