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Setting up a remote Git in AWS EC2

AWS Remote Git Setup

Get a local git repo up on an EC2 Instance.

Add youself to SSH Authentication:

Add yourself to the ssh auth agent, if you haven't already.

ssh-add path/to/your/EC2.pem

Set up destination directory:

SSH into the remote directory, and create a barebones remote repo directory.

mkdir repo-name.git && cd repo-name.git 
git init --bare

Set up your local to push to our new remote:

cd repo-name 
git init git add . 
git commit -m "Initial git commit message" 
git remote add origin 
git config --global remote.origin.receivepack "git receive-pack" # needed for aws ec2 stuff.
git push origin master

Cloning repository

The origin url can be used for cloning too.

git clone 

(This guide was lifted from here, then modified slightly.)


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commented Dec 21, 2018

Thanks matthewoden,

After following your instructions and running $git push origin master everything seems to work but the files don't show up in the remote repository when I run $ls.


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commented Feb 7, 2019

It worked successfully but after pushing my website how can I view it?


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commented Apr 12, 2019

Great post, thanks!!

So I had the same issue as @buckeyja, but I found out why. Basically, if you go to your remote machine, you'll see the BARE git repo. A bare repo doesn't have a "working tree" or something which means all you can do is pull from it. So, in order to see/edit your files on your remote machine, just pull from there.

Get on your remote machine in the same directory as your .git file and run:
git clone [-b branchName] git@path_to_your_git_repository

Here's a link to the SO answer I found all this out from, give the answer an upvote!!

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