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Cucumber and Capybara-Webkit automatic screenshots on failure

View capybara_webkit_screenshot_env.rb
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def screen_shot_and_save_page
require 'capybara/util/save_and_open_page'
path = "/#{Time.now.strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S')}"
Capybara.save_page body, "#{path}.html"
page.driver.render Rails.root.join "#{Capybara.save_and_open_page_path}" "#{path}.png"
After do |scenario|
screen_shot_and_save_page if scenario.failed?
rescue Exception => e
puts "Snapshots not available for this environment.\n
Have you got gem 'capybara-webkit' in your Gemfile and have you enabled the javascript driver?"
View capybara_webkit_screenshot_env.rb
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Then /take a snapshot(| and show me the page)/ do |show_me|
page.driver.render Rails.root.join("tmp/capybara/#{Time.now.strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S')}.png")
Then %{show me the page} if show_me.present?

Please note that this has been superseded by the Capybara-screenshot gem at https://github.com/mattheworiordan/capybara-screenshot

How do i change the path of automatic screen shot on failure? currently it saves it in "/" but want to move it to working directory. or How do i turn off automatic screen shot? Thank you!

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