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Fix for :focus pseudo selector when browser does not have focus
* JQuery tries to use native CSS selectors instead of the Sizzle selector
* engine for performance reasons.
* This causes problems when trying to test intefaces using the
* :focus pseudo selector as unless the web page and browser window
* has the focus, all elements are considered to be without focus.
* Checking for :focus in Selenium or Capybara tests therefore fail if
* using JQuery or Sizzle.
* Sizzle will however return true for a :focus element even if the
* window itself has lost focus if we force it not use the native selector functions
* This script forces Sizzle to use its own engine over native selectors.
* This file MUST be included before JQuery or Sizzle is loaded
* Refer to for more info
/* Prevent use of native find selector */
document.querySelectorAll = false;
/* Prevent use of native matches selector */
document.documentElement.matchesSelector = false;
document.documentElement.mozMatchesSelector = false;
document.documentElement.webkitMatchesSelector = false;
document.documentElement.msMatchesSelector = false;
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