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Install Git 2.9.0 from source on RHEL 7.x

Install Git 2.9.0 from source on RHEL 7.x

These are the Terminal commands I recently used (June 2016) to install Git 2.9.0 from source on RHEL 7.x. I ran this in a VirtualBox VM after a fresh install from the ISO.

You mileage will vary as the yum packages are updated over time. The yum install line below should include all the dependencies, at least it did for me. Depending upon how often you use yum update you may need to run yum --enablerepo=base clean metadata as su before you run the following commands.

cd ~/Downloads
yum install autoconf cpio curl-devel expat-devel gcc gettext-devel make openssl-devel perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker zlib-devel
wget -O v2.9.0.tar.gz
tar -xzvf ./v2.9.0.tar.gz
cd git-2.9.0/
make configure
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/git
make && make install
ln -sv /usr/local/git/bin/* /usr/bin/

At this point you can safely remove the git tar file and git directory from your Downloads directory. Git should now be configured according to the following:

$ which git

$ git --version
git version 2.9.0
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Donut3228 commented Jun 20, 2020

I don't have root password, so I can't use the command su. Could you have a version that uses sudo?

Just use sudo su

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dewens12 commented May 1, 2021

it worked

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