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export FBANDROID_DIR=/Users/mattkula/fbsource/fbandroid
alias quicklog_update=/Users/mattkula/fbsource/fbandroid/scripts/quicklog/
alias qlu=quicklog_update
export EDITOR=vim
export PATH="/opt/android_ndk/android-ndk-r10e:$PATH"
export PATH="/opt/android_sdk/tools:$PATH"
export PATH="/opt/android_sdk/platform-tools:$PATH"
export ANDROID_SDK=/opt/android_sdk
export ANDROID_HOME=/opt/android_sdk
export ANDROID_NDK=/opt/android_ndk/android-ndk-r10e
export ANDROID_NDK_REPOSITORY=/opt/android_ndk
export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_91.jdk/Contents/Home
source ~/Random/hg-completion.bash
alias intellij="~/IntelliJ16.1/idea-IC-145.2070.6/bin/"
alias qe='./scripts/dumpapp qe'
alias gk='./scripts/dumpapp gk'
alias bi='buck install -r fb4a -x'
alias bb='buck build fb4a'
alias bbcc='buck build cameracore'
alias bk='buck kill'
alias out='adb logcat -s System.out'
alias err='adb logcat *:e'
alias logcat='adb logcat'
alias clearinspnux='./scripts/dumpapp prefs write inspiration_prefs/has_seen_nux int 1'
alias fullbleedon='qe set android_friend_sharing_inspirations_universe android_friend_sharing_inspirations_full_bleed_staging:test'
alias fullbleedoff='qe set android_friend_sharing_inspirations_universe android_friend_sharing_inspirations_full_bleed_staging:control'
alias adbd='adb devices'
alias m='monitor&'
alias sl='hg sl'
alias up='hg update'
alias pidcat='/Users/mattkula/Random/pidcat/ com.facebook.wakizashi'
alias insp='java/com/facebook/inspiration/'
alias clean='hg reset --clean .'
alias diffamend='arc amend && hg restack'
alias aonly='hg amend && arc diff --only'
alias only='arc diff --only'
alias ebp='vim ~/.bash_profile'
alias sbp='source ~/.bash_profile'
alias editus='~/fbsource/fbandroid/scripts/editus'
alias fbpaste='pbpaste | arc paste'
alias ls='exa -l'
alias android='cd ~/fbsource/fbandroid'
alias objc='cd ~/fbsource/fbobjc'
export EDITOR=vim
function _update_ps1() {
PS1="$(~/Random/powerline-shell/ $? 2> /dev/null)"
if [ "$TERM" != "linux" ]; then
# Setting PATH for Python 3.5
# The original version is saved in .bash_profile.pysave
export PATH
# BEGIN: Block added by chef, to set environment strings
# Please see if you do not use bash
# or if you would rather this bit of code 'live' somewhere else
. ~/.fbchef/environment
# END: Block added by chef
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