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Remove OSGI from PDI 6.0 Client


Unsupported configuration, some functionality (Hadoop, MongoDB, etc) may be lost by removing OSGI. That said, this makes PDI start up much, much quicker



  • Remove plugins/pentaho-big-data-plugin
  • Modify classes/kettle-lifecycle-listeners
    • Remove listener entry for PdiOsgiBridge
  • Modify classes/kettle-registry-extensions
    • Remove registry-extension entry for PdiOsgiBridge

Optional (for disk usage savings):

  • Remove system/
  • Remove from lib/ -
    • blueprints*.jar
    • org.apache.aries.*.jar
    • org.apache.felix.*.jar
    • org.apache.karaf.*.jar
    • pdi-osgi-bridge-*.jar
    • pentaho-osgi-*.jar

Log4J Error Message Fix:

  • Remove plugins/kettle5-log4j-plugin

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@relloyd relloyd commented Nov 30, 2017

This works like a treat for Kitchen in PDI CE v8 too - many thanks! However, Spoon won't launch due to dependencies on OSGI still. Any ideas if that could be fixed through config changes or is a rebuild from source required?


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@yurifarod yurifarod commented Jul 20, 2018

Hello friend,
I'm using the Kitchen in PDI CE 8.1
and have a delay problem when i start my ETL from .bat (using the Kitchen.bat). In evert call the system tryin do:
org.apache.karaf.main.Main launch
Installing and starting initial bundles
org.apache.karaf.main.Main$KarafLockCallback lockAquired
and many other process, making mt ETL most slowest.
You know a possible solution?

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