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fanflow talk
sorta'ish notes:
# talk notes
- Fanflow
- Preact, Typescript, Fusebox (vs. Webpack), GraphQL, PostCSS, immutable deployments, Docker, Responsive Web Design
- package.json (TOC)
- dependencies
- scripts
- services used (,, snyk, github, auth0,, browserstack)
- design, responsive design strategy?
- inline block collapsing grid -> render speed vs. flexbox & grid
- ground-up css (ugly, but :shrug:)
- PostCSS - fast, tons of plugins, but approach matters more than tool here.
- FuseBox
- fast builds for server and client-side
- like webpack, without the webpack-iness
- typescript through and through
- integrated dev server (which im not using)
- HMR or websocket "push-to-client" updates
- code-splitting
- built-in testing suites
- aliases and other goodies
- GraphQL
- github graphql endpoint demo
- query syntax that the server uses to resolve relationships and queries
- you can create a graphql endpoint that uses multiple data sources
- failed attempt before graphql-js and gql tools:, then graphql schema lang was implemented by facebook..
- if I could use a diff backend, would I? Yes. PostGraphQL with my own db. Use SQL to define the schema, let the metadata power the GraphQL endpoint/s.
- Preact
- 'cause... Preact?
- deployments:
dns management, aliasing + immutability = good feels, robust rules.json system for microservices if you wanted, dockerfile support, pkg/binary support
- dogfood
- clan-fp
- clan-server
- batchql (vs. apollo, relay)
- ~~graphdl~~
- app architecture
- loose event architectures may lead to event-cycling
- typed observables for data flow
- global / session state
- transient component state
- co-located queries, batchql made em fast
- graphql subscriptions for live updates and triggers
- HTML5 whenever possible
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