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WordPress Shortcode mehrspaltiger Inhalt mit CSS3
.multicolumn {
-webkit-column-count: 2;
-moz-column-count: 2;
column-count: 2;
-webkit-column-gap: 2em;
-moz-column-gap: 2em;
column-gap: 2em;
// Shortcode für mehrspaltigen Inhalt mit CSS3, functions.php
function content_multicolumn($atts, $content = null) {
return do_shortcode('<div class="multicolumn">' . $content . '</div>');}
return '<div class="multicolumn">' . $content . '</div>';
add_shortcode("multicolumn", "content_multicolumn");
[multicolumn]Hier steht der Inhalt ...[/multicolumn]
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