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ERROR: test_migrate_birn_failure (globusonline.graph.tests.birn_migrate_account_test.TestBirnMigration)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/mattias/temp/globusonline-graph/globusonline/graph/tests/", line 48, in setUp
fixture_loader.instantiate_fixtures(, self.crypto, fixture_dir)
File "/home/mattias/temp/globusonline-graph/globusonline/graph/test_utils/", line 63, in instantiate_fixtures
instantiate_fixtures_from_rdf(store, fixture_dir)
File "/home/mattias/temp/globusonline-graph/globusonline/graph/test_utils/", line 75, in instantiate_fixtures_from_rdf
AttributeError: 'AgamemnonStore' object has no attribute 'flush_cache'
-------------------- >> begin captured logging << --------------------
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