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Decompresses Windows Defender AV signatures for exploration purposes
filter Expand-DefenderAVSignatureDB {
Decompresses a Windows Defender AV signature database (.VDM file).
Expand-DefenderAVSignatureDB extracts a Windows Defender AV signature database (.VDM file). This function was developed by reversing mpengine.dll and with the help of Tavis Ormandy and his LoadLibrary project ( Note: Currently, "scrambled" databases are not supported although, I have yet to encounter a scrambled database. Thus far, all databases I've encountered are zlib-compressed.
Specifies the path to a Defender AV signature file. Defender AV signature databases are stored in "%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Definition Updates\{GUID}\*.vdm". The file path must have the .vdm extension.
.PARAMETER OutputFileName
Specifies the filename of the extracted signature database. This is written to the current working directory.
ls 'C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Definition Updates\{42F61A44-8142-4AF4-8E13-6EA18B60C397}\mpavbase.vdm' | Expand-DefenderAVSignatureDB -OutputFileName mpavbase.decompressed
Extracts the signature database from mpavbase.vdm and writes it to mpavbase.decompressed in the current directory.
Outputs a FileInfo object indicating successful extraction of the .VDM file.
param (
[Parameter(Mandatory, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName)]
if (-not (Test-Path -Path $FilePath)) {
Write-Error "$FilePath does not exist"
$FileFullPath = Resolve-Path -Path $FilePath
$FileBytes = [IO.File]::ReadAllBytes($FileFullPath.Path)
if ([Text.Encoding]::ASCII.GetString($FileBytes[0..1]) -ne 'MZ') {
Write-Error "$FileFullPath is not a valid PE file."
# Note: Codepage 28591 returns a 1-to-1 char to byte mapping
$Encoding = [Text.Encoding]::GetEncoding(28591)
$FileString = $Encoding.GetString($FileBytes)
# Most of this logic is present in mpengine!load_database and subsequent function calls
$DatabaseSigRegex = [Regex] 'RMDX'
$Result = $DatabaseSigRegex.Match($FileString)
if (-not $Result.Success) {
Write-Error 'Defender AV signature database header signature ("RMDX") was not found'
$HeaderIndex = $Result.Index
$HeaderSize = 0x40
[Byte[]] $HeaderBytes = $FileBytes[$HeaderIndex..($HeaderIndex + $HeaderSize - 1)]
$Options = [BitConverter]::ToInt32($HeaderBytes, 0x0C)
$MaybeChecksum = [BitConverter]::ToInt32($HeaderBytes, 0x1C)
$LastFieldUnknown = [BitConverter]::ToInt32($HeaderBytes, 0x3C)
$IsCompressed = [Bool][Byte](($Options -shr 1) -band 0xFF)
if (-not $IsCompressed) {
Write-Warning 'Signature database is "scrambled". Figure out how to programmatically recover this. Unable to continue.'
# Offset to the compressed data info from the start of the sig db header
$CompressedDataInfoOffset = [BitConverter]::ToInt32($HeaderBytes, 0x18)
if ((($Options -band 0x200000) -eq 0) -or ($MaybeChecksum -eq 0) -or ($LastFieldUnknown -eq 0)) {
Write-Error "Invalid Defender AV signature database header."
$CompressedDataLength = [BitConverter]::ToInt32($FileBytes, $HeaderIndex + $CompressedDataInfoOffset)
$CompressedDataChecksumMaybe = [BitConverter]::ToInt32($FileBytes, $HeaderIndex + $CompressedDataInfoOffset + 4)
$CompressedDataIndex = $HeaderIndex + $CompressedDataInfoOffset + 8
# To-do: this is slow. I need to figure out how to speed up array splicing
$CompressedData = $FileBytes[$CompressedDataIndex..($CompressedDataIndex + $CompressedDataLength - 1)]
$MemoryStream = New-Object -TypeName IO.MemoryStream -ArgumentList @(,$CompressedData)
# Write the decompressed signature database contents to the filename specified in the current directory.
$DecompressedFileStream = [IO.File]::Create("$PWD\$OutputFileName")
$DeflateStream = New-Object IO.Compression.DeflateStream -ArgumentList ($MemoryStream, [IO.Compression.CompressionMode]::Decompress)
try {
} catch {
Write-Error $_
} finally {
Get-Item -Path "$PWD\$OutputFileName"

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@hfiref0x hfiref0x commented Apr 16, 2019

Just a FYI, the "scrambled" database your are referring are used in Malicious software Removal Tool.

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