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import sevenbridges as sbg
c = sbg.Config(profile='cavatica')
api = sbg.Api(config=c)
bg = api.billing_groups.get(id='14bc19f2-6a6a-4a44-bb07-f86020dad9c0')
breakdown = bg.breakdown()
for project_breakdown in breakdown.project_breakdown:
project_id_parsed = (project_breakdown.href.split("/")[-2:])
project_id = "/".join(project_id_parsed)
# It prints
# milan_kovacevic/gtex-cavatica
# milan_kovacevic/canine-analysis-test
# vesna_pajic/debugging
# mmattioni/shiny-demo
## Note:
## it returns only the projects with charges, and ignore the one with no charges associated with the Billing Group.
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