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0000000000c0e060 <Vc::v2::datapar<double, Vc::v2::datapar_abi::fixed_size<8> > sqr<Vc::v2::datapar<double, Vc::v2::datapar_abi::fixed_size<8> > >(Vc::v2::datapar<double, Vc::v2::datapar_abi::fixed_size<8> > const&)>:
c0e060:· vmovapd (%rsi),%ymm1
c0e064:· mov %rdi,%rax
c0e067:· vmovapd 0x20(%rsi),%ymm0
c0e06c:· vmulpd %ymm1,%ymm1,%ymm1
c0e070:· vmulpd %ymm0,%ymm0,%ymm0
c0e074:· vmovapd %ymm1,(%rdi)
c0e078:· vmovapd %ymm0,0x20(%rdi)
c0e07d:· vzeroupper·
c0e080:· retq
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