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Created November 19, 2021 18:18
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require_relative "base58"
def bytes_to_base58(bytes)
hex = bytes.pack("C*").unpack("H*").first
keypair = "6Tyktf6mEqUMEKm2ZpLn3srEwk9zsT5jiE54EgPgToikMFYww1LGFUXgwgr6hvc9CikpaNaBH2vmkmqN3Usrxpd"
keypair_hex = Base58.decode(keypair).rjust(128, "0")
keypair_bytes = [keypair_hex].pack('H*').bytes.to_a
private_key_bytes = keypair_bytes[0, 32]
public_key_bytes = keypair_bytes[32..-1]
puts "Public Key:", bytes_to_base58(public_key_bytes)
puts "\nPrivate Key:", bytes_to_base58(private_key_bytes)
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