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JQL Response
"dataset": "$mixpanel",
"distinct_id": "162a9bea91d1cb-01213631147e12-3f636c4c-1aeaa0-162a9bea91e8cf",
"labels": [],
"name": "Signed Up",
"properties": {
"$browser": "Safari",
"$browser_version": 11.1,
"$city": "Verrieres-le-Buisson",
"$current_url": "",
"$initial_referrer": "$direct",
"$initial_referring_domain": "$direct",
"$lib_version": "2.20.0",
"$os": "Mac OS X",
"$referrer": "",
"$referring_domain": "",
"$region": "Essonne",
"$screen_height": 1050,
"$screen_width": 1680,
"com_id": 1234,
"mp_country_code": "FR",
"mp_lib": "web"
"sampling_factor": 1,
"time": 1523241142000
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