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Created February 12, 2018 23:03
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Console script to unlike everything you ever liked on facebook
This works on 2/12/2018, but will need to be updated as facebook updates it's DOM
1: Go to your profile, click More->Likes
2: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and keep scrolling as facebook loads more of your 'likes'
3: Open the console and c&p this:
document.querySelectorAll('li[data-label="Unlike"] a').forEach(a=>;
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not working anymore?

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Thanks a ton for this!
@tatiana-scda it is working, just paste the second line of code again & press enter.

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Dawoodshah100 commented Oct 23, 2018

Works, Run it once and then wait for little when little Unlike button appears, run again!!!
Thanks for making it!

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TheGroundZero commented Jul 16, 2019

Works like a charm!

You may need to change the "Unlike" text to fit your language for it to work in your case.

Also, this will unlike all pages within your view, so usually like 25 at a time or so.
Scrolling down in the page will make more pages visible, but will increase the time the script takes.
Unless you can fit all your liked pages in 1 view without needing to scroll for hours, I suggest repeating the script (for hours) instead. Looping the script will cause slow-down and errors.

This may work, use at own risk:

function loop() {
  setTimeout(function unlike() {
    document.querySelectorAll('li[data-label="Unlike"] a').forEach(a=>; // Change 'Unlike' to fit your localised version
  }, 0);

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You may get rate limited using this script.
This'll result in Likes appearing to have been removed, while they'll apparently remain active somehow and they slowly reappear on your profile.

So add some rate limiting (sleep) to the script. This'll ofcourse slow it down a lot.


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sdsdfhkje4 commented May 11, 2020


So add some rate limiting (sleep) to the script. This'll ofcourse slow it down a lot.

how do i add a sleep script?

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KimberlyShein commented Dec 6, 2020

Please I hope there will be an update on this on the new facebook. Does it work with u guys?
It seems it doesn't work on me anymore. :(

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