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zsh: zstyle examples
# reference:
# list all zstyle settings
zstyle -L
# store value in zstyle
zstyle :example:favorites fruit apple
# store multiple values in zstyle
zstyle :example:list fruits banana mango pear
# retrieve from zstyle and assign new $fav variable with -g
zstyle -g fav ':example:favorites' fruit && echo $fav
# retrieve from zstyle and be explicit about the assignment data type:
# -a: array, -b: boolean, -s: string
zstyle -a :example:list fruits myfruitlist && echo $myfruitlist
# test that a zstyle value exists with -t
if zstyle -t ':example:favorites' 'fruit' 'apple'; then
echo "an apple a day keeps the dr. away"
if ! zstyle -t ':example:favorites:vegtable' 'broccoli' 'no'; then
echo "Broccoli is the deadliest plant on Earth - why, it tries to warn you itself with its terrible taste"
# delete a value with -d
zstyle -d ':example:favorites' 'fruit'
# list only zstyle settings for a certain pattern
zstyle -L ':example:favorites*'
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