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Thesis Child Theme - Basic
// Iinitial sanity check
if (! defined('ABSPATH'))
die('Please do not directly access this file');
// Bring in the main functions file so we have access to all the yummy Thesis goodness
include_once(TEMPLATEPATH . '/functions.php');
// we encourage you to set up a class. classes are a VERY important part of 2.0, so you need to be familiar with them.
class thesis_child_theme_example extends thesis_custom_loop {
public function __construct() {
// run the parent constructor so we can access the thesis custom loop api
// run the main init
add_action('init', array($this, 'init'));
public function init() {
// actions and filters that will run on init. you could put other things here if you need.
public function actions() {
// add and remove actions here
// this will force thesis to generate CSS when the user switches to the child
add_action('after_switch_theme', 'thesis_generate_css');
public function filters() {
// add and remove filters here
public function home() {
thesis_loop::home(); // remove this line and enter your custom loop
public function archive() {
thesis_loop::archive(); // remove this line and enter your custom loop
new thesis_child_theme_example;
Theme Name: Thesis Theme Example Child
Theme URI:
Description: Child theme for the Thesis
Author: DIYthemes - Matt Gross
Author URI:
Template: thesis_184
Version: 1.0
/*---:[ body ]:---*/
body { background: #000; }

Hi Matt. Having a lot of issues with getting a child theme to work with DIYthemes. Wondering if there is any update to this file? Thank you.

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