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var gulp = require('gulp'),
gutil = require('gulp-util'),
coffee = require('gulp-coffee'),
yaml = require('./js/gulp/regen-yaml.js');
var paths = {
coffee: ['coffee/**/*.coffee', 'coffee/**/*.litcoffee'],
yaml: ['structure.yaml', 'language-strings.yaml'],
gulp.task('coffee', function() {
return gulp.src(
.pipe(coffee({header: true}).on('error', gutil.log).on('error', gutil.beep))
gulp.task('yaml', function() {
return gulp.src(paths.yaml)
.pipe(yaml().on('error', gutil.log).on('error', gutil.beep))
gulp.task('watch', function() {, ['coffee']);, ['yaml']);
gulp.task('default', ['watch']);
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