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#! /usr/bin/ruby
# requires exiftool: `brew install exiftool`
# Used to update file creation dates when converting RAW photos to JPG
# Converted files receive original file's EXIF data, but not file creation date.
# That date is set to whenever you created the converted file.
# Usage: `> ruby update_file_creation_date.rb ~/Pictures/converted_files/*.*`
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require 'stringio'
class DefaultFormatter
attr_reader :output
def initialize(output =
@output = output
def display(message)
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CarrierWave.configure do |config|
config.fog_credentials = {
provider: 'AWS',
config.fog_directory =
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only /Propane/ do
map "<Cmd-Option-Left>", "<Cmd-Shift-[>"
map "<Cmd-Option-Right>", "<Cmd-Shift-]>"
View ateam.feature
Given the year is 1972
And there is a crack commando unit
And that unit has been sent to prison by a "military court"
And it was a crime they did not commit
Given the men have escaped from a "maximum security stockade" to the "Los Angeles underground"
And today they are still wanted by the government
View keymandorc.rb
# Start Keymando at login
# -----------------------------------------------------------
# Disable Keymando when using these applications
# -----------------------------------------------------------
# disable "Remote Desktop Connection"
# disable /VirtualBox/
# Basic mapping
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only "Mail" do
nmap "c", "<Cmd-n>" # New message
nmap "j", "<Down>" # Down
nmap "k", "<Up>" # Up
nmap "e", "<Shift-Cmd-e>" # Archive
nmap "<Shift-3>", "<Cmd-Backspace>" # Delete
nmap "s", "<Shift-Cmd-l>" # Star
nmap "r", "<Cmd-r>" # Reply
nmap "a", "<Shift-Cmd-r>" # Reply all
nmap "f", "<Shift-Cmd-f>" # Forward
View poop.rb
class Poop
class << self
def outta_my_butt
"( 0 )"
# or for all you hipsters
# def self.outta_my_butt
# "( 0 )"
# end
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/* MrCrankyPants - block users and images from Propane!
* to use, place it in ~/Library/Application Support/Propane/unsupported/caveatPatchor.js (yes, it must be that file name)
* Created by ripping code off of and
Campfire.MrCrankyPants = Class.create({
options: {
blockedUsers: ['Abe L.', 'George W.'],
usersDisallowedToPostImages: ['Theodore R.'],
View .irbrc
# Color definitions
ANSI = {}
ANSI[:RESET] = "\e[0m"
ANSI[:BOLD] = "\e[1m"
ANSI[:UNDERLINE] = "\e[4m"
ANSI[:LGRAY] = "\e[0;37m"
ANSI[:GRAY] = "\e[1;30m"
ANSI[:RED] = "\e[31m"
ANSI[:GREEN] = "\e[32m"
ANSI[:YELLOW] = "\e[33m"