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mattruma/Blank Request.json Secret

Last active Aug 4, 2020
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Adventures with Postman: Dynamic Variables
"id": "",
"name": "",
"email": ""
var name = pm.variables.replaceIn('{{$randomFirstName}} {{$randomLastName}}');
var email = name.replace(' ','');
pm.variables.set('name', name);
pm.variables.set('email', name.replace(' ',''));
"id": "{{$guid}}",
"name": "{{name}}",
"email": "GMAIL_USER_NAME+{{email}}"
"createdOn": "2020-08-04T12:37:44.6674816Z",
"email": "",
"id": "51fbe6de-c063-4f77-9551-49505c90178d",
"name": "Malcolm Reynolds",
"object": "User",
"updatedOn": "2020-08-04T12:37:44.6674816Z",
"userId": "51fbe6de-c063-4f77-9551-49505c90178d"
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