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@mattruma mattruma/Deploy.ps1 Secret
Last active Apr 30, 2020

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param (
If ($LocationName.Trim() -eq "" ) {
$LocationName = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter region for deployment, e.g. eastus2"
If ($LocationName.Trim() -eq "" ) {
Throw "Region is required, either enter as a prompt or provide a value for the -LocationName argument"
If ($Name.Trim() -eq "" ) {
$Name = ([char[]]([char]65..[char]90) + ([char[]]([char]97..[char]122)) + 0..9 | Sort-Object { Get-Random })[0..12] -Join ""
$ResourceGroupName = "$($Name)-rg"
$AppServicePlanName = "$($Name)-plan"
$ApplicationInsightsName = "$($Name)-appi"
$WebAppName = "$($Name)-app"
Write-Host "Creating the following resources in $($LocationName):" -ForegroundColor Gray
Write-Host ""
Write-Host "Resource Group : $($ResourceGroupName)" -ForegroundColor Blue
Write-Host "App Service Plan : $($AppServicePlanName)" -ForegroundColor Blue
Write-Host "Application Insights : $($ApplicationInsightsName)" -ForegroundColor Blue
Write-Host "Application Service : $($WebAppName)" -ForegroundColor Blue
Write-Host ""
# Create resource group
az group create -n $ResourceGroupName -l $LocationName --tags Technologies="Authentication/Authorization, ExpressAuth, Web App, App Registration, Service Principal, Managed Identity"
# Create app service plan
az appservice plan create -g $ResourceGroupName -n $AppServicePlanName -l $LocationName --sku B1
# Create application insights
$ApplicationInsights = (az monitor app-insights component create --app $ApplicationInsightsName --l $LocationName -g $ResourceGroupName)
$ApplicationInsightsObject = $ApplicationInsights | ConvertFrom-Json
# Create web app
az webapp create -g $ResourceGroupName -p $AppServicePlanName -n $WebAppName
#Enable application logging on the web app
az webapp log config -g $ResourceGroupName -n $WebAppName --application-logging true --detailed-error-messages true --level verbose
# Add app settings
az webapp config appsettings set -g $ResourceGroupName -n $WebAppName --settings ApplicationInsightsAgent_EXTENSION_VERSION="~2"
az webapp config appsettings set -g $ResourceGroupName -n $WebAppName --settings XDT_MicrosoftApplicationInsights_Mode="disabled"
az webapp config appsettings set -g $ResourceGroupName -n $WebAppName --settings ANCM_ADDITIONAL_ERROR_PAGE_LINK="https://$($WebAppName)"
# These app settings are specific to application insights
az webapp config appsettings set -g $ResourceGroupName -n $WebAppName --settings APPINSIGHTS_INSTRUMENTATIONKEY="$($ApplicationInsightsObject.instrumentationKey)"
az webapp config appsettings set -g $ResourceGroupName -n $WebAppName --settings APPLICATIONINSIGHTS_CONNECTION_STRING="InstrumentationKey=$($ApplicationInsightsObject.instrumentationKey)"
# Create app registration
$App = (az ad app create `
--display-name $WebAppName `
--identifier-uris "https://$($WebAppName)" `
--reply-urls "https://$($WebAppName)" `
--homepage "https://$($WebAppName)")
$AppObject = $App | ConvertFrom-Json;
# Get service principal
$ServicePrincipal = (az ad sp show --id $AppObject.appId)
If (!$ServicePrincipal) {
# Create service principal for the app registration
az ad sp create --id $AppObject.appId
# Get app permissions
$AppPermissions = (az ad app permission list --id $AppObject.appId --query "[?resourceAppId=='00000002-0000-0000-c000-000000000000'].resourceAccess[].id")
$AppPermissionsObject = $AppPermissions | ConvertFrom-Json;
$ActiveDirectoryApiId = "00000002-0000-0000-c000-000000000000"
$UserReadScopeId = "311a71cc-e848-46a1-bdf8-97ff7156d8e6"
If (!$AppPermissionsObject -or !$AppPermissionsObject.Contains($UserReadScope)) {
# Create the api permission User.Read that is required to sign in the user
az ad app permission add --id $AppObject.appId --api $ActiveDirectoryApiId --api-permissions "$($UserReadScopeId)=Scope"
# Get the app registration
$AzAdApplication = Get-AzADApplication -DisplayName $WebAppName
# Generate a password that will be used for the client secret
$Password = ([char[]]([char]65..[char]90) + ([char[]]([char]97..[char]122)) + 0..9 | Sort-Object { Get-Random })[0..30] + ("!=") -Join ""
# Add or append the client secret to the app registration
az ad app credential reset --id $AzAdApplication.ObjectId --password $Password --end-date "12/31/2299"
# Get the account so we can access the tenantId
$Account = (az account show)
# Convert the account to an object so we can easily work with the properties
$AccountObject = $Account | ConvertFrom-Json
# Update the web app authentication and enabled it
az webapp auth update -n $WebAppName -g $ResourceGroupName --enabled true --action LoginWithAzureActiveDirectory --aad-client-id $AzAdApplication.ApplicationId --aad-client-secret $Password --aad-allowed-token-audiences "https://$($WebAppName)" --aad-token-issuer-url "$($AccountObject.tenantId)/"
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