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To support the table of contents button in the OS X Help Book app you need to implement the following code. This isn't documented anywhere but I found it in Apple's own help files and tested it to work. I believe it only works in the more recent versions of OS X, so you if your app supports really old versions you might want to check it.
//disable TOC button
//enable TOC button
//If you call this on window load it will flash active for a brief second and then disable again.
//Call if after a delay of 250ms and is works fine
//Not sure what the second variable does yet, but passing false works fine
window.HelpViewer.showTOCButton( true, false, function() {
//do something to toggle TOC in your webpage
//Apple stores the status of the TOC using a window session variable, you can use this to keep the TOC open or closed
//when transitioning between pages.
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