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Last active Jun 27, 2016
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Basic getting started with html and

This a small collection of getting-started-with-html-and-javascript samples that I created for coding beginners. Each link takes you to a code page hosted on jsFiddle where you can see the html/javascript code and how it renders on the screen. You can also play with the code in the jsFiddle editor to begin your own exploration and tinkering with html/javascript.

(Look for comments on each example in the lower javascript panel of the jsFiddle page.)

[00.0 - Basic HTML web page layout] (

  • the most basic sections of an html page: DOCTYPE, html, body

[00.1 - Introducing a few basic HTML elements] (

  • h1, h2, p, strong, em, u

[01.0 - Basic html input elements] (

  • textbox, radio buttons, dropdown list

[02.0 - Accessing html elements with javascript] (

  • read values from form controls using the "id" attribure and getElementById() function

[03.0 - Javascript calculations and updating page data] (

  • convert users weight in pounds to kilograms and display converted value on the form
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