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Steps for installing Arecibo intern project

Building Arecibo

You will need Git (or a copy of the distribution) and Perforce.

Setup Your Workspace

Follow the steps in

Skip over p4 sync //ariba/cloudsvc/arecibo/...

Get the Latest Arecibo

Git Instructions

You will need to provide Dinesh your public RSA key to have access to the Git repo. Here are steps how:

cat ~/.ssh/ 
copy and email to Dinesh

Once that is complete, close the repository somewhere on your system:

git clone

Non-Git Instructions

Fetch the file nashome/~msnider/ and explode it.

Install the Latest Arecibo

You should find two folders visu and arecibo. Move them both to /ariba/visu/ariba/cloudsvc.

Build Arecibo

Build the system bundle, then the user bundle.

To build the system bundle, ariba.arecibo.jar, go into the arecibo directory and run:

../../3rdParty/org.apache/ant/main/product/bin/ant dist

To build the user bundle, ariba.visu.jar, go into the visu directory and run:

../../3rdParty/org.apache/ant/main/product/bin/ant dist

To start the server:

$ARIBA_INSTALL_ROOT/bin/startserver.bat -clean -debug 8080

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