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ST Plugin OpenSelectedTextInNewBufferCommand
# Command: open_selected_text_in_new_buffer
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
class OpenSelectedTextInNewBufferCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
A Sublime Text plugin to create a new buffer, possibly in a new window,
which contains the selected text from the current buffer (if any). The
arg 'open_in_new_window': bool, controls whether to create a new window.
def run(self, edit, open_in_new_window=False):
text_inserter = "open_selected_text_in_new_buffer_text_inserter"
if open_in_new_window:
active_window = sublime.active_window()
new_file = active_window.new_file()
is_any_text_to_insert = False
for sel in self.view.sel():
if sel.size() > 0:
is_any_text_to_insert = True
# Insert a blank line if text is going to be inserted, this
# serves to prevent the buffer name from being a long line.
if is_any_text_to_insert:
active_window.run_command(text_inserter, {"text": "\n"})
for sel in self.view.sel():
if sel.size() > 0:
text = self.view.substr(sel)
active_window.run_command(text_inserter, {"text": text})
last_char_is_newline = text[-1:] == "\n"
# Insert a final blank line if text was inserted and one is needed.
if is_any_text_to_insert and not last_char_is_newline:
active_window.run_command(text_inserter, {"text": "\n"})
class OpenSelectedTextInNewBufferTextInserterCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
A Sublime Text helper plugin to act as a text inserter.
def run(self, edit, text):
eof = self.view.size()
line = self.view.line(eof)
# Insert a new line to act as a separator unless
# 'text' already consists of just a blank line.
if line.size() > 0 and text != "\n":
self.view.insert(edit, eof, "\n")
eof = self.view.size()
self.view.insert(edit, eof, text)
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