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struct Regex {
let pattern: String
let options: NSRegularExpressionOptions!
private var matcher: NSRegularExpression {
return NSRegularExpression(pattern: self.pattern, options: self.options, error: nil)
init(pattern: String, options: NSRegularExpressionOptions = nil) {
self.pattern = pattern
self.options = options
func match(string: String, options: NSMatchingOptions = nil) -> Bool {
return self.matcher.numberOfMatchesInString(string, options: options, range: NSMakeRange(0, string.utf16Count)) != 0
extension Regex: StringLiteralConvertible {
typealias ExtendedGraphemeClusterLiteralType = StringLiteralType
init(unicodeScalarLiteral value: UnicodeScalarLiteralType) {
self.pattern = "\(value)"
init(extendedGraphemeClusterLiteral value: ExtendedGraphemeClusterLiteralType) {
self.pattern = value
init(stringLiteral value: StringLiteralType) {
self.pattern = value

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MatrixSenpai commented Apr 24, 2016

Made redundant with the introduction of the following for Strings

String.rangeOfString(contains: String)

Use the following instead

extension String {
    func contains(find t: String) -> Bool {
       return self.rangeOfString(t) != nil
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