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Last active Apr 11, 2021
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func zalgo(_ string: String, intensity: Int = 5) -> String {
let combiningDiacriticMarks = 0x0300...0x036f
let latinAlphabetUppercase = 0x0041...0x005a
let latinAlphabetLowercase = 0x0061...0x007a
var output: [UnicodeScalar] = []
for scalar in string.unicodeScalars {
guard (latinAlphabetUppercase).contains(numericCast(scalar.value)) ||
else {
for _ in 0...(Int.random(in: 1...intensity)) {
let randomScalarValue = Int.random(in: combiningDiacriticMarks)
return String(String.UnicodeScalarView(output))

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@MatthiasLamoureux MatthiasLamoureux commented Oct 23, 2018

Hello @mattt,

Should not the latin uppercase and lowercase ranges be 0x0041...0x005a and 0x0061...0x007a ?


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@mattt mattt commented Nov 21, 2018

You're right, @MatthiasLamoureux — I'm not sure why I was using those ranges here. Thanks for pointing this out.

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