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(page "index.html"
(:require-macros [vform.core :refer [defv]]))
;; input cells
(defc form-name nil)
(defc form-email nil)
;; helpers / validators
(defn validate-presence [v] (seq v))
(defn validate-regexp [r]
(fn [v] (re-matches r (or v ""))))
;; formula cells
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; This replaces the macro in the original validated-form example
(defn field [c v]
(cell= {:valid? (if (v c) true false)
:value c}))
(def form-name-valid? (field form-name validate-presence))
(def form-email-valid? (field form-email (validate-regexp #"(?i)\b[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}\b")))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; A new collection of fields
(def fields {:name form-name-valid?
:email form-email-valid?})
;; (defc= is-form-valid? (and (:valid? form-name-valid?) (:valid? form-email-valid?)))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; My attempt to provide an overall form validation function for all fields in the collection
(defc= is-form-valid? (every? #(:valid? %) (vals fields)))
(defc= form-data {:name form-name
:email form-email})
;; operations
(defn submit-form [_] (js/alert (str "Send: " (pr-str @form-data))))
;; custom elements
(defelem cell-input [{:keys [cell] :as attrs}]
(let [target-value #(do! (-> % .-currentTarget) :value)]
(input (-> attrs
(dissoc :cell)
(assoc :type (:type attrs "text")
:value cell
:on-input #(reset! cell (target-value %)))))))
(defelem form-group [{:keys [valid?] :as attrs} body]
(let [dirty? (fn [v] (-> v nil? not))]
((div (dissoc attrs :valid?) body)
:do-class (cell= {:form-group true
:has-error (and (dirty? (:value valid?)) (not (:valid? valid?)))}))))
(defelem input-control [attrs]
((cell-input attrs) :do-class {:form-control true}))
;; interface
(title "Hoplon • Validated Form")
(link :rel "stylesheet" :href "//")
(link :rel "stylesheet" :href "//")
(link :rel "stylesheet" :href "style.css"))
(div :class "site-wrapper"
(div :class "site-wrapper-inner"
(div :class "cover-container"
(div :class "inner cover"
(form :on-submit submit-form
(form-group :valid? form-name-valid?
(label "Name")
(input-control :cell form-name))
(form-group :valid? form-email-valid?
(label "Email")
(input-control :cell form-email))
(div :class "text-right"
(button :class "btn btn-primary"
:type "submit"
:disabled (cell= (not is-form-valid?)) "Submit")))))))))
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