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Last active August 23, 2018 14:08
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// Generated by Fuzzlyn v1.1 on 2018-08-22 15:19:26
// Seed: 14928117313359926641
// Reduced from 256.3 KiB to 0.4 KiB in 00:01:58
// Debug: Prints 0 line(s)
// Release: Prints 1 line(s)
public class Program
static short s_18;
static byte s_33 = 1;
static int[] s_40 = new int[]{0};
static short s_74 = 1;
public static void Main()
s_18 = -1;
// This comparision is the bug, in Debug it's False, in Release it's True
// '(ushort)(s_18 | 2L)' is 65,535 in Debug *and* Release
if (((ushort)(s_18 | 2L) <= s_40[0]))
s_74 = 0;
bool vr10 = s_74 < s_33;
if (vr10)
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I can't tell if it's different from any of the current reported bugs or not?!

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I think that it's a dupe of It does not seem to repro with the latest bits, so definitely seems fixed.

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