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All the `// TODO` comments in Interpreter.cpp

All the // TODO comments in Interpreter.cpp

  • Line 149: // TODO: if this optimization succeeds, the switch below on localType
  • Line 742: // @TODO: this structure clearly needs some sort of lifetime management. It is the moral equivalent
  • Line 855: // TODO: much of the interpreter stub code should be is shareable. In the non-IL stub case,
  • Line 1060: // for instance a VT with two float fields will have the same size as a VT with 1 double field. (ARM64TODO: Verify it)
  • Line 1582: // TODO: manage reference count of interpreter stubs. Look for examples...
  • Line 1660: // TODO: Add GSCookie checks
  • Line 2035: // TODO: verify that m_ILCodePtr is legal, and we haven't walked off the end of the IL array? (i.e., bad IL).
  • Line 2079: // TODO: interact with the debugger?
  • Line 3239: // TODO: Needs revisiting when implementing tail call.
  • Line 3618: // TODO: Figure out how to do a GC poll.
  • Line 5078: // TODO: Check that C++ semantics matches IL.
  • Line 5095: // TODO: Check that C++ semantics matches IL.
  • Line 5241: // TODO: Make sure that the C++ conversions do the right thing (truncate to zero...)
  • Line 5539: // TODO: GetTypeFromToken also uses GCX_PREEMP(); can we merge it with the getClassAttribs() block below, and do it just once?
  • Line 5905: // TODO: Make sure this is deleted in the face of exceptions.
  • Line 6609: // TODO: it would be better if this were a reader/writer lock.
  • Line 6627: // TODO: I believe I need no synchronization around this on x86, but I do
  • Line 6636: // TODO: Need store-store memory barrier here.
  • Line 8950: // TODO: This condition isn't quite right. If the actual class is a subtype of the declaring type of the method,
  • Line 9130: // return a RuntimeTypeHandle struct...which is a TODO.)
  • Line 9344: // ARM64TODO: Verify that the following statement is correct for ARM64.
  • Line 9853: // TODO: fix this somehow.
  • Line 10169: // TODO: Investigate why HasRetBuffArg can't be used. pMD is a hacked up MD for the
  • Line 10296: // TODO: make this cleaner -- maybe invent a couple of empty methods with instructive names, just for this purpose.
  • Line 10315: // TODO The code above triggers assertion at threads.cpp:6861:
  • Line 10702: // TODO: Should raise an exception eventually; for now:
  • Line 10812: // TODO: contracts and synchronization for the AddrToMDMap methods.
  • Line 11392: // TODO: add a header comment here describing this function.
  • Line 11833: // TODO: this requires synchronization.
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