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Created September 18, 2014 14:07
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; 91: var watch = new Stopwatch();
000000a6 lea rcx,[5D3EBA90h]
000000ad call 000000005F6722F0
000000b2 mov r12,rax
000000b5 mov rcx,r12
000000b8 call 000000005D284EF0
; 92: watch.Start();
000000bd mov rcx,r12
000000c0 call 000000005D284E60
; 93: for (int i = 0; i < iterations; i++)
000000c5 mov r13d,dword ptr [rbp+58h]
000000c9 test r13d,r13d
000000cc jle 00000000000000D7
000000ce xor eax,eax
000000d0 inc eax
000000d2 cmp eax,r13d
000000d5 jl 00000000000000D0
; 97: }
; 98: watch.Stop();
000000d7 mov rcx,r12
000000da call 000000005D32CBD0
; 99: Console.WriteLine(description + " (ProfileDirect)");
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