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require 'test/unit/assertions'
include Test::Unit::Assertions
assert_equal "1.9.2", RUBY_VERSION
# A Ruby meta-programming puzzle for polite programmers.
# This puzzle was created by Matt Wynne (@mattwynne) on 2011-04-10 inspired by Jim Weirich's
# talk at the Scottish Ruby Conference 2011.
# The challenge is: you have a class Foo which you want to monkey-patch, but politely.
# Here's the default behaviour of Foo
class Foo
def bar
assert_equal "bar",
module Baz
def bar
"wee" + super
# # Unfortunately, if we try to monkey-patch Foo like this, it won't work
# class Foo
# include Baz
# end
# # this fails:
# assert_equal "weebar",
# This is because the include trick inserts the module Baz higher into the inheritance tree
# meaning Foo's own implementation of bar is hit first.
# So let's write a helper method that can do the patching for us, by extending each instance
# of Foo as it is created.
def extend_every(type_to_patch, module_to_apply)
patcher = do
def new(*args)
type_to_patch.class_eval do
extend patcher
extend_every(Foo, Baz)
assert_equal "weebar",
# Great, but we've had to hard-code Baz onto line 38. How can we make this method generic?

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commented Apr 10, 2011

My attempt at solving this is in my fork above; basically, using define_method gives us the closure-style behaviour we need.

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