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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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AeroGear Germany tour 2015

Over the last three days Sébastien Blanc and I have been touring through Germany to visit a few JUGs.

The talks

We had the same setup for every evening: First, Sebi was talking about JBoss Tools and Forge and showed how to quickly create a Java EE based backend. Afterwards the audience saw the how to create a good looking Apache Cordova mobile app, that he also generated using Forge! At the end the solution was also protected using Keycloak.

Afterwards I had a talk about Push Notifications in general. During the talk I had various demos, like our AeroDoc server and iOS client to demonstrate a rich push interaction, between different clients and servers, using geolocation and user segementation. I was also happy that I could demo some hot new stuff on our UI by showing stuff off code from different pull requests.

The cities

We had three different cities on the agenda and the start of the tour was Berlin. However, unfortunately I forgot my powerplug at home... 😭 But, arriving in Berlin I could borrow one from Simon Willnauer. THANKS DUDE! ❤️


The event took place at the VOTUM GmbH and it was a good start of our tour. We had a packed room and lot's of questions during both talks, so we ended up talking a bit longer. Afterwards there was time to socialize with a drink or two.

Here are some impressions from the evening.


After arrving in Dortmund Hendrik Ebbers we giving us a ride to the BVB training center. It was funny, that one guy thought that Sebi looks like the coach (Juergen Klopp) 😂 However, the real Juergen was a few hundred meters away, watching the team doing their training.

Before the event started we did some preparation at Hendrik's awesome home-office. Here is a picuture of me talking about the push server, showing the latest greatest of a pending pull-request from Lukáš Fryč. The talks went well and while we enjoyed some Pizza we had a some good conversations with the attendees!


On our way to the JUG Stuttgart we got effected by the strike, which turned out to be a very positive thing. We got an almost empty ICE train ✌️ This time the talks took place in the Stuttgart Red Hat Office and Heiko was already awaiting us at the S-Bahn station.

After a little introduction by Heiko it was again Sebi's part before I took over talking about push.


It was a great tour and lot's of questions during and after the talks showed we had the right content for the different events. I am already looking forward to see some of the attendees getting in touch with our AeroGear community for more debats!

On the last evening Heiko, Sebi and I went for a few 🍻 in Stuttgart.

Traveling back home, I had another interaction with the strike, which was again very positive. They had to change the train and all seats were opened up, so I ended up sitting on a nice and comfortable seat in the first class for free 😜

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