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We are about to release a new push version. Feel free to test it and let us know if you find some bug.

iOS lovers

Last week was WWDC events, as each year comes with its surprise and breaking news, this year we've got: Swifty going Open Source. In AeroGear we believe, this is super power! See oublog about it: This we'll explore in more details what's new in Swift2, expect a swift2 branch to come :)


For the Unified Push our 1.1.0-beta.2 got released and a nice guide on how to use the Unified Push Server from FeedHenry has been published!

On our Web Push effort we got good feedback from the Mozilla team on our Web Push Console, and a nice PR from them got merged, to a branch. Idel, our GSoC student, is now getting up to spead and will look into the new draft from the wg!

Misc Javascript

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