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Make your Gitcoin Grants go further

Not sure which Gitcoin grants you want to support? We've curated a list of great projects to make it easy for you to decide AND make your donations go even further.

The Hashing it Out podcast, with support from and ConsenSys Diligence has organized a Staking Cluster, giving us access to a whole bunch of the PAN tokens allocated to this round of Gitcoin Grants. In total the HiO community has 29% of a pool of 1,424,551 PAN tokens (worth ~$50,000). (Learn more in episode 83 with Panvala Founder Niran Babalola)

How it works

When you donate with PAN tokens to any of the grants we've selected, your donation will receiving matching funds from the new Panvala issuance. The current multiplier is over 5x!

These are the grants we've curated for you:

How To Donate

  1. Get some PAN tokens from Uniswap (v1 has more liquidity).
    • Note: 28 PAN is worth about 1 USD. 6000 PAN is worth about 1 ETH.
  2. Go to the gitcoin links above, add the ones you like to your cart.

Thats it! Thanks.

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