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Last active December 6, 2023 23:53
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List of websites for free PBR textures
Copy link 4x4K 300+ CC0 PBR Textures

Free seamless Textures

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Textures - all the textures from the sites above

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web-revolution thank you very much

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Any that specify linear workflows?

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Qraxin commented Oct 30, 2020

The site with big collection of free textures:

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IvanSmiths commented Aug 27, 2021

I did one by myself, you can download free 3d model and pbr textures. There are just a few ones, i'm continually adding more.

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I am using for all my projects.

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Have a look at
They have latest design PBR textures with cc0 license, and free.

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This site contains Free (CC-0) PBR Textures and 3D Models:

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Have you tried before? it's free and you can make your own HD textures with up to 32-bit pbr maps
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 10 19 58 AM

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ArMaaa commented Jul 15, 2023

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