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Ubuntu 16.04 systemd unload modules on sleep
# Put into /lib/systemd/system-sleep/suspend-modules
# chmod a+x /lib/systemd/system-sleep/suspend-modules
# Create /etc/suspend-modules.conf
# with one module per line
# credits to:
# More info:
case $1 in
for mod in $(</etc/suspend-modules.conf); do
rmmod $mod
for mod in $(</etc/suspend-modules.conf); do
modprobe $mod

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sigboe commented Dec 6, 2017

If you use

$(awk 1 /etc/suspend-modules/*.conf)

Then you can do this for all .conf files in /etc/suspend-modules/ which seams to be a more modern best practice way to do settings now.


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xxJohnnyRagexx commented Jul 30, 2019

instead of rmmod, I would use modprobe -r

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