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Last active Aug 14, 2017
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StagTools WordPress Plugin's list of all available shortcodes, just in case you want to use theme manually instead of shortcode builder.
[stag_alert style="white"]Your Alert![/stag_alert]
Styles: white, grey, red, yellow, green, blue
[stag_button url="" style="grey" size="small" type="normal" target="_self"]Button[/stag_button]
Styles: grey, black, green, light-blue, blue, red, orange, purple
Sizes: small, medium, large
Types: normal, stroke
Targets: _self, _blank
All column pages must end using one of the "last" shortcodes. For example:
[stag_one_half] content [/stag_one_half] [stag_one_half_last] content [/stag_one_half_last]
[stag_one_third] [/stag_one_third]
[stag_one_third_last] [/stag_one_third_last]
[stag_two_third] [/stag_two_third]
[stag_two_third_last] [/stag_two_third_last]
[stag_one_half] [/stag_one_half]
[stag_one_half_last] [/stag_one_half_last]
[stag_one_fourth] [/stag_one_fourth]
[stag_one_fourth_last] [/stag_one_fourth_last]
[stag_three_fourth] [/stag_three_fourth]
[stag_three_fourth_last] [/stag_three_fourth_last]
[stag_one_fifth] [/stag_one_fifth]
[stag_one_fifth_last] [/stag_one_fifth_last]
[stag_two_fifth] [/stag_two_fifth]
[stag_two_fifth_last] [/stag_two_fifth_last]
[stag_three_fifth] [/stag_three_fifth]
[stag_three_fifth_last] [/stag_three_fifth_last]
[stag_four_fifth] [/stag_four_fifth]
[stag_four_fifth_last] [/stag_four_fifth_last]
[stag_one_sixth] [/stag_one_sixth
[stag_one_sixth_last] [/stag_one_sixth_last]
[stag_five_sixth] [/stag_five_sixth]
[stag_five_sixth_last] [/stag_five_sixth_last]
[stag_divider style="plain"]
Styles: plain, strong, double, dashed, dotted
[stag_dropcap font_size="50px" style="normal"]D[/stag_dropcap]
Styles: normal, squared
Font Size: font size in px, em or % i.e. 50px
Intro Text
[stag_intro]Intro Text[/stag_intro]
[stag_tabs style="normal"] [stag_tab title="Title"]Tab Content[/stag_tab] [/stag_tabs]
Styles: normal, stroke
[stag_toggle style="normal" title="Title" state="open"]Content[/stag_toggle]
Styles: normal, stroke
States: open, closed
Font Icons
[stag_icon icon="link" url="" size="50px" new_window="no"]
Icons: Just use the icon name from
Size: font size in px, em or % i.e. 50px
new_window: no, yes
[stag_image style="grayscale" src="#" alignment="left" url="#"]
Styles: no-filter, grayscale, sepia, blur, hue-rotate, contrast, brightness, invert
Alignments: none, left, right, center
Supports WordPress oEmbed videos and its responsive.
[stag_video src="#"]
[stag_map lat="37.42200" long="-122.08395" width="100%" height="350px" style="none" zoom="15"]
Enter the map geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude), could be found here -
Width: could be in px or %
Height: Enter a value in px
Zoom: Enter the map zoom level between 0-21. Highest value zooms in and lowest zooms out.
Style: Enter a predefined map style, adds some style effect
Valid values: bright_bubbly, greyscale, mixed, none, pale_dawn, subtle_grayscale
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jilt commented Jul 19, 2016

Hi I get a "missing api key" error on your doctype theme with stagtools plugin, how can I fix this?

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