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Created January 2, 2014 21:37
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Erik Meijer quotes in Reactive Programming Coursera. I did not gather them, I merely copied this from to make them public.
"Hopefully the third answer is right; but who knows, maybe I made a mistake; I’m just a human, I can throw exceptions as well."
"I am waving my hands on purpose here, this is very spaghetti like code. And spaghetti is great as food, but not good as code."
"flatMap will allow us to focus on the happy path. flatMap will take care of all the noise. flatMap is the dolby for programmers."
"Great programmers write baby code"
"it's obviously correct"
"Recursion is the GOTO of functional programming"
"To close off the subject of Subjects... Pun intended."
"The ability to juggle with code is the beauty of functional programming, and once you get it, it will feel like second nature. Just like when you learn to juggle or ride a bicycle. But just as you cannot learn the latter two without actual practice and not just by reading a book or watching videos, you must write code to move to the next level. Or perhaps you play an musical instrument, like the guitar. Very few people can pick up the guitar and start playing it without practice. No, you have to practice until your fingers bleed if you want to play the guitar like Eric Clapton. There are no shortcuts."
"And you see *grumble* you should never believe me when I say this is runnable code there's a typo here... but believe me, this is actually runnable code. Let's see what it does."
"If it is not checked by a machine, it might as well not exist."
"Earthquakes, in fact, are a really good example of a push based stream. We're not polling the earth for earthquakes."
"AND and OR are dual, and the energy between them that drives this duality is negation. Interestingly, we've seen that Iterable and Observable are each other's dual, and there the energy between them is concurrency"
"Keep on moving fast and breaking things!"
Credit: these quotes were gathered by:
Manav Rathi
Stefano Peruzzi
Hugh O'Byrne
Md. Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury
Peter Mungai
Brian Kim
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