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When they prey on your naivity— I prey on theirs.

Chase <3 also wants me to join their tournament.

Chase <3: hi dude
Chase <3: what is your rank?
maus 「マウス」: Not sure.
maus 「マウス」: Wanna find out?
Chase <3: we have our own team we need to play in the tournament, we are missing one person
Chase <3: we have our own team we need to play in the tournament, we are missing one person
Chase <3: you can help us?
maus 「マウス」: Yes.
maus 「マウス」: I need to warmup first though
Chase <3: prize fund 1000$  if win 200$ u
Chase <3: do u have teamspeak?
maus 「マウス」: Not currently.
Chase <3: download pls
maus 「マウス」: Will do, got a link?
Chase <3: I can send you my ts that would not be a problem with the installation
Chase <3: need ?
Chase <3: answer me pls
maus 「マウス」: You need to relax man.
Chase <3: we have little time, I'm worried
Chase <3: download my ts
maus 「マウス」: Ah, you do not have to worry! We will make it! As a team! :)
maus 「マウス」: OK
maus 「マウス」: Getting it now.
Chase <3: wait u
maus 「マウス」: 20%
maus 「マウス」: Sorry, I have slow internet.
Chase <3: (
maus 「マウス」: 35...
Chase <3: file size is 1 MB lol
maus 「マウス」: I know man.
maus 「マウス」: Should i cancel my torrents?
Chase <3: soon the game starts -_-
maus 「マウス」: Yeah man, it's done now.
maus 「マウス」: How do I open it?
Chase <3: click on the file and save it
maus 「マウス」: Where?
Chase <3: to the disk d or c
maus 「マウス」: Which one is that?
Chase <3: will start downloading and all
maus 「マウス」: I found it!
maus 「マウス」: My norton is giving me warnings.
maus 「マウス」: Should I ignore them?
Chase <3: yes
maus 「マウス」: I need to reboot my computer then.
maus 「マウス」: BRB
Chase <3: that's because I gave you the condensed version
Your state is set to Offline.
Chase <3 is now Offline.
Online now and rejoined chat.
Chase <3 is now Online.
maus 「マウス」: OK I'm back, but norton removed the file.
maus 「マウス」: I need to download it again.
maus 「マウス」: Can you send the link again?
maus 「マウス」: Fast please! I wanna join.
Chase <3: o open?
maus 「マウス」: You need to send the link again.
maus 「マウス」: I had to restart my computer to turn norton off.
maus 「マウス」: It removed the file.
Chase <3:
Chase <3: turn off your antivirus
Chase <3: useless shit
maus 「マウス」: Yeah! I have.
maus 「マウス」: Downloading again.
Chase <3: yes
maus 「マウス」: OK it's downloaded.
maus 「マウス」: I forgot where to put it.
maus 「マウス」: Where did you say?
Chase <3: open file
maus 「マウス」: It says my computer can't open it.
Chase <3: send me a photo
Chase <3: screenshot
maus 「マウス」: OK
maus 「マウス」: One min
maus 「マウス」: Uploading
maus 「マウス」: Slow internet :/
Chase <3: (
maus 「マウス」:
maus 「マウス」: Please swear at me in russian.
maus 「マウス」: I love it when you do that.
Chase <3: xD

I_I_ILХА Wants me to join their tournament.

I_I_ILХА: hey bro
I_I_ILХА is now Online.
I_I_ILХА: hey bro
maus 「マウス」: Hey dude! I didn't know you were my brother! What's up? ^^
I_I_ILХА: we have our own team we need to play in the tournament,
 we are missing one person 
you can help us?
maus 「マウス」: That depends.
maus 「マウス」: Where are you guys from?
I_I_ILХА: Canada
maus 「マウス」: Hmm, the ping might be an issue. But I'm used to playing with high ping.
maus 「マウス」: So yeah! Sure, what do I need to do?
I_I_ILХА: need a 5th player , game on dust 2 and inferno
maus 「マウス」: Yeah man, count me in.
I_I_ILХА: u help ?
maus 「マウス」: Yeah man!
maus 「マウス」: That's what I'm saying, isn't it?
I_I_ILХА: u have ts  ?
maus 「マウス」: Yes.
I_I_ILХА: ip :   join us
I_I_ILХА: dude
I_I_ILХА: helloo?
maus 「マウス」: It's asking me to update.
I_I_ILХА:  last version
I_I_ILХА: faster
I_I_ILХА: bro
I_I_ILХА: the tournament will begin in 10 minutes we are waiting for you!
I_I_ILХА: dude
maus 「マウス」: Yeah man, I'm downloading.
maus 「マウス」: Hold on.
I_I_ILХА: ok
I_I_ILХА: dude*
maus 「マウス」: Reading TOS
I_I_ILХА: open on winrar
maus 「マウス」: Oh— I need to download that too.
maus 「マウス」: Hold on.
I_I_ILХА: okey
I_I_ILХА: pls faster bro
maus 「マウス」: Downloading
maus 「マウス」: My internet is this fast.
maus 「マウス」: I can't do much to help it :)
maus 「マウス」: Sorry :/
maus 「マウス」: 20%
I_I_ILХА: dude we are waiting for you, fear not!
maus 「マウス」: Only hopes and dreams.
maus 「マウス」: No fear.
maus 「マウス」: 35%
I_I_ILХА: thank you for helping us!
I_I_ILХА: our friend got sick and can't play!
maus 「マウス」: It's absolutely no problem! I know how frustrating it can be to not have the last player show up man, especially at tournaments?
maus 「マウス」: You know what I mean?
maus 「マウス」: 40%
I_I_ILХА: yes bro
maus 「マウス」: Like last month, my best bro didn't show up, because he broke his arm in a spear-hunting accident.
maus 「マウス」: Yeah, I know right?! You should see the platipus though. He got that fucker real good! :)
maus 「マウス」: We had a party for a few days on that SOB.
maus 「マウス」: Good times.
maus 「マウス」: Still, couldn't play the tournament though.
maus 「マウス」: 60%
maus 「マウス」: Damn my internet is slow today...
maus 「マウス」: Have you ever had roasted platypus?
I_I_ILХА: no
I_I_ILХА: sry
I_I_ILХА: you have downloaded?
maus 「マウス」: Man, I'm telling you. That shit is tasty!
maus 「マウス」: I have downloaded the rar.
maus 「マウス」: Now downloading winrar.
maus 「マウス」: Currently stopped on 82%...
I_I_ILХА: ok
maus 「マウス」: *sigh*, download failed -.-
maus 「マウス」: Trying again.
maus 「マウス」: Turning of my torrents now, so the download will be faster.
I_I_ILХА: ok ok
I_I_ILХА: pls faster
maus 「マウス」: I'm hurrying!
I_I_ILХА: time is very short
maus 「マウス」: I know I know!
maus 「マウス」: 60%!
maus 「マウス」: 80%
maus 「マウス」: OK, starting installer.
I_I_ILХА: faster bro
maus 「マウス」: Hey! Stop trying to stress me out.
maus 「マウス」: I'm trying to help here, going as fast as I can.
I_I_ILХА: ok
I_I_ILХА: sry bro
maus 「マウス」: It's OK man.
maus 「マウス」: OK, installing now.
maus 「マウス」: Says here that it isn't free.
maus 「マウス」: Ah! 30 day trial.
maus 「マウス」: I just need it for today though, so I'm fine.
maus 「マウス」: OK, should I open winrar now?
maus 「マウス」: Ok.
maus 「マウス」: OK, unpacked it.
maus 「マウス」: My Norton says this might be dangerous.
maus 「マウス」: 'Dangerous file detected'
maus 「マウス」: It usually does that though.
maus 「マウス」: It's fine, right?
I_I_ILХА: yes
maus 「マウス」: OK.
maus 「マウス」: It's installed now.
maus 「マウス」: Can you send the IP again?
I_I_ILХА: ip :   join us
maus 「マウス」: Is 'join us' the password?
maus 「マウス」: Or is it no password?
I_I_ILХА: no
maus 「マウス」: no, the password is 'join us'?
I_I_ILХА: no password
maus 「マウス」: Oh ok.
maus 「マウス」: I tried it with password.
maus 「マウス」: Should I try without?
I_I_ILХА is now Offline.
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