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Last active Dec 10, 2018

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Write JSON file from csv using Node.js
// given a csv file on the local filesystem, this program will JSON-serialize the contents in to a new file "output.json"
// First create a new directory and initialize a new node project:
// $ npm init -y && npm i -s csvtojson minimist
// Then run the program:
// $ node index.js -f path-to-csv.csv
const fs = require("fs");
const csv = require("csvtojson/v2");
const argv = require("minimist")(process.argv.slice(2));
if (!argv || !argv.f) {
console.error("Please provide path to CSV file through the -f argument.");
.then(json => {
const file = "./output.json";
fs.writeFileSync(file, JSON.stringify(json, null, 2), err => {
if (err) {
console.log(`File written to ${file}.`);
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