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Created August 30, 2013 11:39
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makeall script for fetch, build and run webrtc for ios
# gclient can be found here:
# git clone
# don't forget modify .bashrc:
# export PATH="$PATH":`pwd`/depot_tools
function fetch() {
echo "-- fetching webrtc"
gclient config
echo "target_os = ['mac']" >> .gclient
gclient sync
sed -i "" '$d' .gclient
echo "target_os = ['ios', 'mac']" >> .gclient
gclient sync
echo "-- webrtc has been sucessfully fetched"
function wrbase() {
export GYP_DEFINES="build_with_libjingle=1 build_with_chromium=0 libjingle_objc=1"
export GYP_GENERATORS="ninja"
function wrios() {
export GYP_DEFINES="$GYP_DEFINES OS=ios target_arch=armv7"
export GYP_GENERATOR_FLAGS="$GYP_GENERATOR_FLAGS output_dir=out_ios"
function wrsim() {
export GYP_DEFINES="$GYP_DEFINES OS=ios target_arch=ia32"
export GYP_GENERATOR_FLAGS="$GYP_GENERATOR_FLAGS output_dir=out_sim"
function wrmac() {
export GYP_DEFINES="$GYP_DEFINES OS=mac target_arch=x64"
export GYP_GENERATOR_FLAGS="$GYP_GENERATOR_FLAGS output_dir=out_mac"
function build() {
echo "-- building webrtc"
pushd trunk
gclient runhooks
ninja -C out_sim/Debug iossim AppRTCDemo
echo "-- webrtc has been sucessfully built"
function run() {
echo "-- running webrtc appdemo"
pushd trunk
./out_sim/Debug/iossim out_sim/Debug/
function fail() {
echo "*** webrtc build failed"
exit 1
fetch || fail
wrsim || fail
build || fail
run || fail
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