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#!/usr/bin/env tclsh
package require Tk
pack \
[button .send -text Send -command {puts [lindex $pIn 1] $inData}] \
[entry .b -textvariable inData] \
[text .a]
set pIn [chan pipe]
set pOut [chan pipe]
set pr [exec cat <@ [lindex $pIn 0] >@ [lindex $pOut 1] &]
close [lindex $pIn 0]
close [lindex $pOut 1]
fconfigure [lindex $pIn 1] -buffering none
fconfigure [lindex $pOut 0] -blocking 0
fileevent [lindex $pOut 0] readable {
.a insert end [read [lindex $pOut 0] 1000]
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