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Get Latitude and Longitude from EXIF using PIL
import PIL.Image
get_float = lambda x: float(x[0]) / float(x[1])
def convert_to_degrees(value):
d = get_float(value[0])
m = get_float(value[1])
s = get_float(value[2])
return d + (m / 60.0) + (s / 3600.0)
def get_lat_lon(info):
gps_latitude = info[34853][2]
gps_latitude_ref = info[34853][1]
gps_longitude = info[34853][4]
gps_longitude_ref = info[34853][3]
lat = convert_to_degrees(gps_latitude)
if gps_latitude_ref != "N":
lat *= -1
lon = convert_to_degrees(gps_longitude)
if gps_longitude_ref != "E":
lon *= -1
return lat, lon
except KeyError:
return None

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@arpanchal arpanchal commented Nov 2, 2018

what is 'info' in the argument?
Is it gps exif info?

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