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Massimo Galbusera maxgalbu

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This tutorial assumes you know how vim works. Please google for it. If it turns out too hard for too many i'll write the commands to use it here. To get this to work, the easiest way was to install a debian chroot. This means you're basicly running a debian environment on your qnap.

The chroot setup tutorial is based on nemozny wonderful tutorial on I had to modify some steps of this tutorial as this will be harmful to your qnap if you do it as listed there. This is due to /opt/ that is mounted on a 32 mb ramfs, and not your harddisk. You'll just run out of space, and ipkg's will mess up. So i copied the full tutorial here with the needed modifications:

I made a share called "Storage" on my harddrive. You could name it anything you want. Just modify the paths accordingly.

import os
import errno
from subprocess import call
from gitlab import Gitlab
def mkdir_p(path):
except OSError as exc: # Python >2.5
if exc.errno == errno.EEXIST and os.path.isdir(path):

To use it, run these commands:

java SimpleStringEncrypter
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namespace Vendor\CliOutput;
class CliOutput
const BLACK = 'black';
const DARK_GRAY = 'dark_gray';
const BLUE = 'blue';
const LIGHT_BLUE = 'light_blue';
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images = {
"tor": "",
"sas": "",
"mia": "",
"was": "",
"uta": "",
"sac": "",
"por": "",
"phx": "",
"orl": "",
maxgalbu / skygo.js
Created Oct 21, 2016
Greasemonkey/tampermonkey plugin that gets the imdb rating for the movies in the pages
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// ==UserScript==
// @name New ES6-Userscript
// @namespace
// @version 0.1
// @description shows how to use babel compiler
// @author You
// @require
// @require
// @match http://*/*
// ==/UserScript==
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// ==UserScript==
// @name New ES6-Userscript
// @namespace
// @version 0.1
// @description shows how to use babel compiler
// @author You
// @require
// @require
// @match http://*/*
// ==/UserScript==
maxgalbu / index.js
Created Nov 13, 2015
requirebin sketch
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// require() some stuff from npm (like you were using browserify)
// and then hit Run Code to run it on the right
var bluebird = require('bluebird');
var promise = bluebird.resolve(true);
promise.then(function() {
return new bluebird(function(resolve, reject) {
setTimeout(function() {
View UITableView+RemoveSeparatorMargin.h
@interface UITableView (RemoveSeparatorMargin)
- (void) removeCellSeparatorMargin;
View NSObject+Debounce.h
@interface NSObject (Debounce)
- (void)debounce:(SEL)action delay:(NSTimeInterval)delay;