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Maxim Veksler maximveksler

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maximveksler / Fallacies of distributed
Last active Jul 7, 2021
Fallacies of distributed computing
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Fallacies of distributed computing

The network is reliable;

Latency is zero;

Bandwidth is infinite;

The network is secure;

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<graphml xmlns=''>
<key id='type' for='node''type' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='code' for='node''code' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='icao' for='node''icao' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='desc' for='node''desc' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='region' for='node''region' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='runways' for='node''runways' attr.type='int'></key>
<key id='longest' for='node''longest' attr.type='int'></key>
<key id='elev' for='node''elev' attr.type='int'></key>
<key id='country' for='node''country' attr.type='string'></key>
View robotframework drilldown
C:\Users\user\code>pip install rpaframework
Collecting rpaframework
Downloading rpaframework-9.4.0-py3-none-any.whl (214 kB)
|████████████████████████████████| 214 kB 595 kB/s
Collecting robotframework-sapguilibrary<2.0,>=1.1; sys_platform == "win32"
Downloading robotframework-sapguilibrary-1.1.tar.gz (9.5 kB)
Collecting robotframework-seleniumlibrary<6.0.0,>=5.1.0
Downloading robotframework_seleniumlibrary-5.1.3-py2.py3-none-any.whl (94 kB)
|████████████████████████████████| 94 kB 3.3 MB/s
Collecting pywinauto<0.7.0,>=0.6.8; python_version < "3.7.6" and sys_platform == "win32" or python_version > "3.7.6" and python_version < "3.8.1" and sys_platform == "win32" or python_version > "3.8.1" and sys_platform == "win32"
maximveksler / all the ways to create spark
Last active Oct 21, 2020
All the ways to create a Spark Dataframe (pyspark)
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data = [
("a", "Alice", 34),
("b", "Bob", 36),
("c", "Charlie", 30),
df = spark.createDataFrame(data, schema=["id", "name", "age"])
  • iqvoc - SKOS(-XL) Vocabulary Management System for the Semantic Web.
View big query merge.sql
# Google BigQuery - Merge data
bigquery_merge() {
echo "Loading ${GC_BQ_WORK_TABLE} table into ${GC_BQ_MERGE}"
bq --location=US load --source_format=NEWLINE_DELIMITED_JSON --encoding=UTF-8 \
echo "Merging into ${GC_BQ_DATASET}.${GC_BQ_TABLE}"
cat <<bigtable-merge | bq --location=US query --use_legacy_sql=false --max_rows=0
View Life.txt
A great way to assess how your life is going and where you might be able to improve it to have a more balanced and healthy life is to try to be successful in these 6 areas of life:
1) Intimate Relationships
2) Friendships
3) Family
4) Career and Education (livelihood)
5) Time Away from Work (creativity)
6) Drugs/Alcohol (health)
Now you can assess your success in these 6 categories, which is the first step to setting a plan to improve each of them. I've also specified the last 3 categories to fit into another way to view life, which is to ensure you have one aspect that that provides your livelihood (a job), one aspect that allows for a creative outlet (music, painting, writing, etc) because all humans essentially yearn to create something, and one aspect that allows for exercise/health and reduce your drugs and alcohol intake.
1) If you do not have any intimate relationships, you must consider how to improve on this aspect. This might include things like dating sites, going to bars, Tinder, etc. However, my
maximveksler / TapeACall_downloader.rb
Last active Jun 2, 2017
TapeACall recordings download script
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require 'csv'
require 'date'
require 'net/http'
all ="TapeACall Recordings.csv")[1 .. -1]
all.each do |x|
csv_date = x[0]
csv_label = x[1]
csv_duration = x[2]
csv_link = x[3]
View Map.swift
import Foundation
func lengthOf(strings: [String]) -> [Int] {
return { $0.characters.count }
let fruits = ["Apple", "Cheery", "Orange", "Pineapple"]
let upperFruits = { $0.uppercased() }
let scores = [100, 80, 85]
maximveksler / LoggerAPI.swift
Created Feb 5, 2017
Benchmark extension for IBM Swift HeliumLogger
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// LoggerAPI.swift
// Collection
// Created by Maxim Veksler on 05/02/2017.
import Foundation
import LoggerAPI