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Last active Aug 30, 2022
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Restore repo from Gitlab bundle file

Gitlab exports repositories to tar archive which contains .bundle files.

We have repo.bundle file and we want to restore files from it.

  • create bare repo from bundle file
git clone --mirror myrepo.bundle my.git

This will create a folder my.git which contains a bare repository.

Now we will restore data from a bare repo into our folder

mkdir output

cd my.git

git archive master | (cd ../output && tar x)

Now folder output has all files from the repo. We can copy files to any destination.


  • working with .bundle files
git bundle verify myrepo.bundle

git bundle unbundle myrepo.bundle
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davebeach commented Apr 22, 2018

Thanks. Needed this

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andreis commented Oct 17, 2018

Thank you

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paulgregg commented Dec 28, 2018

Thanks, I've added more details here on restoring it back to a repo with a working tree.

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offsecin commented Jun 3, 2020

Thanks a lot ,it really helped me !

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